Primo Patio Cafe: Best Caribbean Restaurant in San Francisco Bay Area. Address: 214 Townsend St. San Francisco, CA 94107. Phone: 415.957.1129. Escape to Caribbean Rhythm and Spice. Our signature dish- Jerk Chicken.
Ceviche – traditional style
Grilled Spicy Chicken Wings – chile peanut sauce
Finger Snaps – tidbits of fresh snapper lightly breaded, quickly fried
Fried Jalapenos
Crispy Calamari
Beans & Cumin Rice
Caribbean Red Fries – our own hand cut fries
Shrimp Cake – panfried, served with salsa & lime
Papas con Queso – roasted potatoes with thyme, garlic & melted cheese
Hummus – light, garlic chickpea dip served with warm pita bread
Salsa & Chips – basket of crispy tortilla chips & fresh salsa
Spicy Corncake with Blackeyed Peas – lightly panfried, served with salsa and sour cream
Snaps & Fries – fried snapper tidbits & Caribbean Red Fries
Tropical Tacos for Two – crispy corn tortillas layered with black beans, Costa Rican cabbage salad, fried snapper & salsa
Snapper & Shrimp Tostadas