Primo Patio Cafe: Best Caribbean Restaurant in San Francisco Bay Area. Address: 214 Townsend St. San Francisco, CA 94107. Phone: 415.957.1129. Escape to Caribbean Rhythm and Spice. Our signature dish- Jerk Chicken.
(Served with bread & butter, house-made raspberry vinaigrette. Substitute spinach for lettuce. Add feta cheese for an additional charge)
Tossed Green Salad – mixed fresh vegetables  
Tropical Spinach Salad – smoked pepper bacon, mushrooms & almonds  
Tender Chicken Salad – sliced jerk chicken & seasonal greens  
Bay Shrimp Salad  
Grilled Lamb Salad w/ Feta  
Grilled Marinated Steak Salad  
Ensalada del Mar – marinated fresh fish salad with cucumber, red onion, tomato & lemon  
Grilled Snapper Salad – fresh snapper grilled with garlic & chili, served over house salad, with salsa fresca & lemon