Primo Patio Cafe: Best Caribbean Restaurant in San Francisco Bay Area. Address: 214 Townsend St. San Francisco, CA 94107. Phone: 415.957.1129. Escape to Caribbean Rhythm and Spice. Our signature dish- Jerk Chicken.
(Served with black beans, cumin rice & fresh vegetables)
Grilled Jerk Chicken – Jamaican style marinade. Our signature dish
Upside-Down Chicken – sautéed with garlic & wine, served with garlic yogurt sauce
Grilled Spicy Chicken Wings – chile peanut sauce
Grilled Fresh Snapper – basted with garlic, lemon & chile
Calamari – lightly golden fried with lemon & Primo sauce
Blackened Snapper – Cajun-style, spicy & tasty
Grilled Fresh Salmon – a healthy favorite
Bar-B-Q Jerk Steak – marinated in Caribbean spices, grilled to order
Grilled Lamb Steak – butterflied, boneless leg of lamb, basted with garlic & lemon
Seasonal Vegetables – sautéed fresh spinach & roasted eggplant parmesan